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Welcome to Haberfield Chiropractic

Your First Visit

New Patients at Haberfield Chiropractic in Five Dock

You are in great hands at Haberfield Chiropractic

We’re glad you found us! From the moment you arrive, we hope you’ll feel relaxed in our inviting and comfortable practice.

During your first meeting with Dr John Kyneur (Chiropractor), you will have an initial interview in which you are encouraged to discuss concerns, followed by a consultation and thorough examination of your spine and posture.

If X-rays are recommended, we’re able to conveniently take them on site. You may be most comfortable in loose clothing during your visits. Expect this appointment to last roughly 45 minutes.

Your Second Visit

On your first two follow up appointments, Dr John will start by discussing your care plan and what exactly can be done to reduce any nerve interference, pain or discomfort that you’re experiencing. If you’re in agreement, we’ll then develop specific wellness goals that we hope to achieve during your course of care based on our philosophy.

Going forward, we’ll evaluate your progress every three months, which allows us to make any necessary changes in your adjustments and frequency of visits.

Continuing Care with a Five Dock Chiropractor

After a patient has gone through their care plan and is feeling changes, many wonder whether or not they should continue care or return to their lives without chiropractic.  It is the case that many of our clients do choose to continue with regular visits to obtain optimal health. 

Think about it this way—do you ever reach an age where exercise isn’t necessary? No! Keeping up with chiropractic care can help you achieve a high quality of life while keeping you clear of nerve interference.

Book Your First Appointment

Discover the Haberfield Chiropractic difference by scheduling your first appointment with Dr John today. We have appointments available Monday- Friday and are open on Saturday’s, allowing for convenient appointments outside of your workweek.

Get back to health today!

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