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Neck pain

After low back pain, neck pain is the most common condition that a person will be suffering when first coming to our chiropractic practice.

Many people who see a chiropractor have tried a lot of things for neck pain. What you have to ask yourself is whether you want temporary relief or whether you want to correct the problem.

How we help in clinic

In an interview you will let your chiropractor know what makes the condition worse, how long you have had the condition and whether it is getting worse or occurring more often with time. After a physical examination and X-rays you get to see the problem then your chiropractor can determine the best course of action for you. Your chiropractor calls this a Care Programme. This includes gentle adjustments which will help restore motion to your neck.

A specific Neck Exercise Home Programme will also be recommended. This is usually not commenced till after you have completed the relief phase of your Care Programme is followed by Corrective Care, which involves getting to the true cause of your problem. 

See a chiropractor for neck pain if…

  1. Your neck pain or stiffness does not improve after a few days.
  2. You have a massage and the pain returns after a day or two.
  3. You cannot look to the right or left without severe neck pain.
  4. You feel like you must use pain medications just to make it through the day and are using it regularly to treat your neck pain (in recent times codeine-containing drugs have proven addictive and caused a lot of problems.)
  5. You’re worried that your neck pain may have a serious cause.
  6. Your neck pain started in the neck but has moved to numbness or tingling in your hands or wrists
  7. Your neck pain is worse when you first wake up in the morning but then begins to feel a little better as the day progresses

Examining the problem with your neck

During the exam, your chiropractor will first feel the bones of your neck. He will then check to see how well you move your neck. He will look for tenderness or numbness and tingling in your arms or hands. Seeing your chiropractor for neck pain is always a good choice if you are aware of a specific movement (abnormal motion) that resulted in neck pain such as lifting, falling or a whiplash injury. Injuries resulting from abnormal motion often cause muscles to become overextended and the vertebra in our neck to shift out of alignment.

Through a course of chiropractic adjustments, your chiropractor can re-align your vertebra and restore normal motion in your neck.

Some facts about your neck

Your neck is the most vulnerable part of your spine. Not only does it support your 4kg to 5kg head, maintain a gentle forward curve, and permit head rotation, but it must also allow the free flow of nerve impulses to the head, face, hands and the rest of your body. Besides discomfort and annoyance, chronic neck pain is a sign that something is wrong.

  • Many everyday things can cause neck pain, such as watching TV, using your computer, reading a book or falling asleep in a chair or on an aeroplane. The temporary pain that results can resolve on its own, especially when the offending activity is discontinued. When it doesn’t, a more serious underlying problem may be indicated.
  • A thorough examination can determine if you’re a good candidate for chiropractic care. These tests may involve your ability to turn and bend. Muscle tone of the supporting muscles in the neck may be tested. Diagnostic imaging to reveal the underlying structure of the spine may be requested. These and other tests are designed to identify the cause and location of your neck pain.
  • Our response to stress is another common cause of neck pain. Deadlines. Rush-hour traffic. Overcommitments. Work pressures. Family obligations…
  • Ever meet someone who was a “pain in the neck”? Each of us is susceptible to our body’s unconscious response to people and circumstances. These perceptions can show up as episodes of neck pain.

If the weakest link in our bodies is our neck, stress shows up there. While chiropractic care cannot reduce the stress of your busy life, it can help improve your ability to handle and tolerate it. Without drugs or surgery!

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