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Meet Dr Rebecca Teo (Chiropractor)

Dr Rebeca Teo's photoDr Rebecca was born in Australia but spent most of her childhood in Singapore. It was when she returned to Australia for her high school studies that she learned about chiropractic treatments and the non-invasive benefits that they may offer for improved health. This interest led her to take a Masters in Chiropractic, and she graduated from Macquarie University in 2016.

When she is not practicing in the clinic she invests time in her professional development by attending chiropractic seminars to stay up-to-date with the latest procedures and health information. Dr Rebecca is very happy to be practising at a centre which uses low force techniques and has a lovely work environment.

Having patients leave the clinic with a smile on their face because they feel better after receiving their adjustments is the most fulfilling aspect of my job

Outside of the Clinic

In her spare time, Dr Rebecca enjoys hiking and exploring the great outdoors. She also captures her travels through nature photography and puts her creative skills to use in the kitchen where she loves to dream up new recipes.